Top 7 things to avoid in Nepal

Damodar Dhakal
Top 7 things to avoid in Nepal @ Mission Nepal Holidays

Since time immemorial the Himalayan country of Nepal has provided great scenery and diverse variations to worldwide travelers. Mountains are an integral part of Nepalese cultural. Nepal is a Pandora boxes of mysteries, adventure and unique way of life everything for a traveler. Besides that Nepal is a country of culture and etiquettes. So consider these key things in mind while reaching out for the stretches of the country far and wide. So to make it easier we have listed top 10 things you need to avoid while visiting Nepal.

1 Never be on a trekking trail alone

The awe of the mighty Himalayas and its hidden mysteries has drawn thousands of solo adventurers to Nepal. Their quest of off the beaten trails is unending. Although most of trekking trails of Nepal are detectable, and local guidance is gettable it is still a risk.  There is every possibility of losing your way out in the dense forests. Majority of the places are uninhabited, and you are bound to find yourself on your own. Therefore one comes across mixed stories about success and failures. For those who have achieved the feat due to their homework and know how about the place and its people. On contrary there are novice trekkers who venture out alone and are at a great peril.

Therefore we ideally do not want anyone to trek alone, as it may look adventurous but is extremely hazardous and unforgiving. The trails of Nepal have different moods and changes as per the season. Be it experienced or novice trekkers remember if you are keen on trekking alone, be prepare for the unexpected.

This is especially for the first time trekkers if you are in Nepal for trekking in Nepal be cautious and informed. Always hire guides or take the services from authorized trekking agencies for absolute safety. They might appear costly but taking their services is well worth decision to bask under. So do not trek alone in an unknown country that is diverse and mysterious.

2: Remove your shoes before you enter household’s temples and monasteries.

Nepalese way of life forbids wearing of shoes inside houses. If you are ever invited do not walk inside with your shoes on. Similarly if you are paying a visit the temples and monasteries, remember to remove your shoes. Wearing of shoes inside the house or religious site is a sign of disrespect. So knowingly or unknowingly you wouldn’t want to harm the sentiments culture, values and norms of the people.

In Nepal non-Hindus are prohibited from entering the temples. If you want to get in than an authorized permission is required to do so. Besides that there are certain places where clicking pictures are not allowed. So at all times make sure that you abide by the cultural and religious code of conduct while in Nepal.

3: A strict dress code has to be followed 

While in Nepal remember that Nepalese have a strict dress code that has to be followed wherever you go. Wearing garments that shows off your skin too much is disallowed. So be mindful of what you are wearing. It is important to remember that the country is very conservative and deeply religious. Though there is no hard and fast compulsion regarding garments, it is good to be considerate about other cultures.

4: Talking loud in Public places is not allowed.

Speaking loudly is not the culture that is followed in Nepal. You will notice it wherever you go. If you are to speak in loud voice in public places they will stare at you discerningly. Moreover, in the Nepalese culture, talking loudly is considered as manner less and lack of etiquettes in the individual who does so. Hence see to it that, you do not talk too loudly while you are in public places.

5: Avoid drinking tap water

If you are visiting Nepal for a holiday or some other obligations make sure you drink mineral water or filtered water. There are several eateries and restaurants that serve tap water, insist on ordering mineral water. This is an important piece of information drinking tap water in Nepal is unsafe. There is a good chance of water being contaminated or polluted. Thus, we suggest you to not drink tap water. It is always advisable bring your own water filtration tablet or any other water filtering equipment’s. As while on trek more often than not you will have a hard time finding shops that sell bottled mineral water.

6: Do not give money or entertain the beggars

In Nepal to your amazement you will find that the beggars of Nepal are quite intelligent. They are smart enough and have a natural ability speak fluent with a neutral accent. The people you will meet in touristic areas who asks for money have made it their profession. They will play with your emotions and mind by virtue of their sob stories.  

So if you come across any such individuals do not give them money. Once if you give money to a single person, then in a short span of time you will be swarmed by dozens of them. This will persist until you give some money to each of them. So beware of these kinds of people, and avoid embarrassment. It is therefore a wise practice of not giving any kind of money to the beggars in Nepal.

7 Beware of pickpockets in a crowded place

It is general tendency of pick pocketing in and around the streets of Kathmandu. However, most of these ruffians have made crowded local buses their domain to squander with money. Likewise, be cautious with your things while strolling in the groups. Make sure that you do not leave your baggage carelessly here and there. Follow your sixth sense and alert instinctive traits to save your hard earned money from being pick pocketed.  

Therefore when you are traveling to Nepal, be careful about the above mentioned things. Hope this carefully compiled list will make your visit to Nepal safe and meaningful.

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