Do you wonder what flying in an open sky feels like? Well, paragliding is one of the best adventure things you can try to experience the thrill. Paragliding is not just the best activity in South Korea, but also the best thing you can do in the world.

From Seoul to Busan and Daegu, many operators organize the best adventure in South Korea. Like skydiving, paragliding is also the best adventure for beginners and experts. There are pilots assigned to those who need assistance during the activities. If you are an expert, make sure to have a certification for the needed skill.

Paragliding can be 20 to 60 minutes long, depending on the expertise and the preference. You can get a slot in advance, especially during the high season.

Location: Seoul and Busan have the best paragliding spots. Contact the concerned authorities for further details.

Activity Duration: 20-60 Minutes approx.

Best Time for the Activity: All Year-round

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