The National Museum of Korea is the country's largest museum, and it traces its past from prehistory to modern times. The collection contains more than 320,000 artifacts with public displays organized on three floors, including an entire gallery dedicated to calligraphy and painting.
The museum holds an immense collection: it has more than 310,000 historically valuable and highly aesthetic relics ranging from the Paleolithic Age to the early 20th century, and more than 12,000 masterpieces of its collection are always on display in its permanent exhibition hall.
South Korea is known for its warm welcoming nature for tourists offering a plethora of rich culture, heritage, ancient history, delectable cuisine. To explore the rich history and culture of this beautiful country, museums are your address. There are majestic museums in Seoul that have preserved the ancient Korean cultures and the life of people. From traditional and contemporary to hi-tech museums this city has everything. Not just our regular museums, there are exciting and thrilling museums in Seoul where you can enjoy your heart out! Explore the museums we have shortlisted for you which you can visit during your trip to South Korea!

Marvelous Museums In Seoul
Seoul is known for its interesting history and culture. The blend of technology and tradition of the country can be seen in its Museums. Here is the list of 8 unique museums in Seoul one must visit:

1. National Palace Museum of Korea
The National Palace Museum Of Korea is located in Jongno-gu, the heart of the city. This museum is well known for its huge collection of historical treasures of Korean history. It was first started as the “Korean Imperial Museum” but later on was renamed. Known for its massive collection of the Joseon Dynasty Of Korean Empire, this museum has over 40,000 artifacts and royal treasures, of which 14 are the national treasures of South Korea. Ancient records, architecture, clothing, education cultures of the Joseon Dynasty’s ruling era you will find everything displayed here. This is a great place to get historical knowledge of South Korean Traditions. This museum is also known as one of the best Seoul museums of history.

2. Pulmuone Kimchi Museum
Seoul is famous for its innovative ideas and creativity in any field. One such creation is the Pulmuone Kimchi Museum, this museum is dedicated to Kimchi, the staple food of South Korea. Kimchi is a fermented food prepared by mixing riped cabbage, radish with different seasonings such as spring onion, red chili paste, and garlic. This museum promotes the traditional importance of Kimchi. You will be delighted with the varieties of Kimchi available in the museum, this museum offers a lot of things to its visitors, such as kimchi making process, kimchi tasting and even cooking class. This place is best for food lovers.
4. Leeum Samsung Museum of Art
Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, run by the Samsung Foundation of Culture is one of the most classy and exquisite museums in Seoul. Here you can find the perfect blend of traditional Korean art and Contemporary art. The museum comprises of two parts designed by famous architects Mario Botta and Jean Nouvel. The museum 1 houses a collection of traditional Korean art such as folk paintings, traditional ceramics, ancient daggers, manuscripts, and ornaments. Part 2 of the museum features modern and contemporary art from both Foreign and Korean artists. This place is always a popular choice among tourists.

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