Ilam is a small hilly district in Province 1 that has pristine landscape of sloped tea gardens and lush green forests. Strolling in the tea gardens that carpet the surrounding hills in refreshing mountain air followed by hot tea made from the tea leaves plucked from the garden helps one rejuvenate and relax.

Ilam district is one of the fourteen districts of Province No. 1 of the eastern Nepal. It is a hilly area, covers 1,703 km² and about 290254 populations. Ilam is famous for its tea garden. In sloping tea gardens multiplies the beauty of Ilam. Mountain streams, dense natural forests, holy sites, languages, people, food and unique culture attract visitors.

For nature lovers, the tea estates at Shree Antu Ilam, can be a major attraction. It is a beautiful place to go and to learn how tea is cultivated. It’s a place to taste a fresh authentic Nepali tea. Visitors admire the green fields of tea gardens and witness the production of Nepali tea. They can observe tea factory. Visitors can wear local costumes like locals and will be delighted by the fresh breeze and green sights of the tea shrubs. When Visitors reach the tea factory, every single step of tea production from plucking to drying the tea leaves will be explained. During the excursion, visitors can interact with local factory workers about their curiosity. Before leaving, visitors can taste a variety of different green and black teas of different grades with distinct flavors.


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