Newly-discovered Kajin Sara Lake in Nepal likely to be the World’s Highest

Damodar Dhakal

Nepal is home to some of the most marvelous lakes in the world. Nepal is the second richest country in term of water resources so there are high numbers of lakes too. Most of the lakes are glacial lakes situated at the height above 4,000 meters. Some of the lakes are located at a difficult destination while others are more easily accessible than others. Most of the treks in Nepal has a route through lakes which adds a refreshing experience to trekkers. Also, some of the treks’ motives are just to visit these beautiful lakes as their final destination.

Recent news claims that a team of mountaineers has discovered a new lake on the Manang district. The lake is called Singar by local peoples which is at Singarkharka of Chame Municipality, Manang. The lake offers a fabulous view of about a dozen peaks towards the north.  It provides panoramic view with Mt Manaslu to the east, Mt Damodar to the west. Mt Peri in the Tibet to the north, and Mt Annapurna and Mt Lamjung to the south. Even though it is not official, the lake is estimated to be around 5,200meters above sea level. The lake is considered to be 1.5km long and 600m wide. If the measurement is accurate and it is approved by the government of Nepal then it will be the highest lake in the world putting Tilicho Lake in the second position.

Tilicho Lake in Nepal being called the highest

Tilicho Lake is also located in the same district as Kajin Lake, Manang district. The lake is located at a height of 4,919 meters above sea level in the Annapurna range and is called the highest lake for its size in the world even though there are other lakes exceeding its height. Also, the lake is  Trekkers trying to visit Annapurna Circuit route usually cross the distance between Manang and Kali Gandaki valleys over the 5416 meters high Thorong La pass. So, Tilicho Lake, its alternate route has been gaining popularity among trekkers.

Kajin Sara Lake as the world’s highest lake

If the Kajin Sara Lake is to be the world’s highest lake then it is sure to be another of the attraction to tourists. Tilicho Lake has its own glory, religious significance, and popularity so it may be disappointing to know that the lake is in the second position. But looking at the bright side, the tourism sector will surely promote this destination resulting in more number of tourists to visit Nepal. Also, it will be a proud moment for Nepal to inherit the title of the highest lake in the world.

There is a large number of lakes and wetland destinations around the world. Most of those lake and wetland destinations are very different in terms of morphology, climate, culture, traditions, and so on. Nepal has its own uniqueness and special features. Most of the lakes in Nepal is formed by the melting of the glaciers. Also, these lakes are situated at high altitude which is quite an opportunity to adventure-lovers.  It can be quite an experience of awesome sightseeing and trekking if you intend to visit any lakes in Nepal. We can also help you with all the necessary equipment, arrangements and permits of government if you give us a chance. We provide quality service with quite a reasonable price!

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