Gokyo Valley is one of the most thrilling offbeat trekking routes in the Khumbu Region of Nepal

Damodar Dhakal
Gokyo valley trekking

Gokyo Valley Trek is one of the world’s great classic treks in the Everest region of Nepal. It is also known as Gokyo Lake Trek and Gokyo Ri Trek. It offers an unforgettable trekking experience into the most mountainous region of the world. 

Well, this trek is the best option for all adventure junkies as well as nature lovers as the trail is peaceful and tranquil as compared to classic Everest Base Camp trek. Gokyo Valley Trek leads to tranquil Gokyo Valley with the stunning view of Gokyo Lakes. Hiking to the Gokyo Ri highest point of the trek and get the awe-inspiring view of Ngozumpa glacier, the longest glacier in Nepal. 

Gokyo Valley is also known as the Valley of Death is located along the bank of the Gokyo Lake. The main attraction of the trek is an exciting flight to Lukla, explore the mountains and valleys around the lofty snow-capped peaks, visit monasteries, and explore the stunning Gokyo valley. Throughout the trek, you will get an opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of the famous Sherpa people. 

Moreover, you can also combine Gokyo Valley Trek with the famous classic Everest Base Camp TrekOnce you reach Gokyo Valley, you can cross the Ngozumpa glacier and then make a steep climb up the pass and connect with the Everest Base Camp trail. Likewise, it can also be combined with the Three Passes Trek. After crossing the second of the three passes, Cho La takes you to Gokyo valley. 

Lastly, as compared to the famous Everest Base Camp trek route; you will see fewer trekkers. So, if you are seeking a more peaceful trail, this would be infinitely more rewarding. Walk-in quiet trails and enjoy adequate time with nature!

Major Highlights of Gokyo Valley Trek

  • Short and exciting flight from Kathmandu to Lukla
  • Climbing Gokyo Ri at an altitude of 5,483 meters
  • Exploring Sagarmatha National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Impressive view of Ngozumpa Glacier, one of the longest glacier in the Himalayas
  • Gokyo Lakes
  • Hidden Gokyo valley
  • Spectacular view of snow-capped peaks over 8,000 meters including Mt. Everest
  • Learn about the indigenous Sherpa culture and traditions
  • Enjoy the remarkable hospitality of mountain people
  • Explore Namche Bazaar, a beautiful mountain town 
  • Walking through challenging trail and enjoy the view of the beautiful landscape
  • Traversing through mani walls, chortens, and colorful prayer flags

Best Time to Gokyo Valley Trek

Gokyo Valley Trek is doable all year round. But spring (March, April, May) and Autumn (September, October, November) is the best time to visit Gokyo Valley trek. In terms of stable weather and best views, you can choose among these seasons for this trek. During the spring season, the trekking route, especially in the forest trail, is colorful as rhododendrons are in full bloom. In the autumn season, the weather conditions are stable, and the sky is usually clear and bright. Both these seasons offer you the best mountain views with the clear sky. 

Likewise, in the off-season like winter and monsoon, the trek is a bit challenging but not impossible. During monsoon season, the rain and wet trail may spoil the fun of the trekking. So, if you wish to trek in the off-season, then gather the proper information and appropriate packing lists. 

Gokyo Valley Trek Difficulty

Gokyo Valley Trek is generally considered as a moderately strenuous trek with this length and altitude. Starting from Lukla at 2,100 meters, the trekking route ascends to Gokyo Ri at around 5,400 meters. So, there is a chance of altitude sickness, but as you will not be spending a night at such high altitude so it might create less problematic situations in terms of weather and AMS. 

Moreover, Gokyo Valley Trek requires a good level of fitness and enough acclimatization day to avoid acute mountain sickness. So before embarking your trek, you can improve your fitness level. You can do some physical fitness training like jogging, running, cycling, and swimming starting a month or two before your trek.

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