India- Unbelievable-Unparalleled-Unexpected

India is undoubtedly one of the oldest civilizations in the world. India shares its border to neighboring Nepal, China and Bhutan in the North. Similarly it touches Pakistan in the Northwest and countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar in the East. India amasses a total land area of 3,287,263 sq.m. Hence it is the seventh largest country in the world. With over one billion people, it is the second most populous country in the world. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhihism, Sikhism, Islam, Vaishnavism and Christianity are the various facets of religion in India. 

For decades India has been an exquisite hub of natural and cultural diversities. Its rich architecture, forts, rivers, pristine snow capped peaks, ancient heritage, royal legacy, and folklores are unbelievable. Besides that classical music, folk dance, arts and exotic cuisine have been a strong identity of this unparalleled country. There are 22 official languages and more than 19,500 dialects or languages spoken in its various territories and states.

General Facts and Figures of India

  • Land area: 3,287,263 km.
  • Capital city: New Delhi.
  • Largest City: Mumbai.
  • Total Population: 1,352,642,280 people (as of 2018)
  • Life expectancy: 68.8 years.
  • Currency: Indian Rupee ( INR)
  • Official languages: Hindi, English.
  • Highest Mountain – Kanchenjunga (8,598m)
  • Longest River – River Ganges (2,525 km)
  • Climate – West and peninsular – subtropical to temperate 23°C to 29°C Northern Mountains – subtropical to arctic – 0°C to 20°C,  South-East 20°C to 40°C
  • Yearly Rainfall – Desert areas less than 15cm, mountain regions 25 – 143 cm (approx.), rest of the country   75 – 300 cm (approx.) mostly during the monsoon season June – October
  • Plant Life of India – Pine, oak, bamboo, juniper, deodar, sandalwood, teak, rosewood, mango, Indian mahogany
  • Wild Life – 300 species of mammals including rats, elephants, rhinos, bats, lion, tigers and lots more
  • Bird Species of India – 900 species of breeding birds including flamingos, eagles, hawks, sand grouse, cuckoos and many more.

Places of Interest & Attractions of India

India has a huge number of splendid sights and attractions of great historcal,cultural and mythological significance. Each of these monuments are situated around the every region of country. These places are the major domestic as well as international tourist attraction and a source of income for the country. Every Indian state has its own treasure to display. Here are the list of attractions of India deemed as under:-

The Taj Mahal

Built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal in Agra is an impressive mausoleum of white marble. A symbol of love and eternity is one of the great tourist attractions. Called “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity” it is one of the masterpieces of Mughal architecture. The Taj Mahal is adorned with beautiful buildings, reflecting pools, and extensive ornamental gardens with flowering trees and bushes.

Hawa Mahal

Known as the Palace of the Wind, it is a stunning red sandstone five-story structure that lies in Jaipur Rajasthan. It was built for the royal women to view street activities outside while hidden from view. The pyramid-shaped palace of 953 windows palace is one of the finest examples of Rajputana architecture.

Qutb Minar

Qutb Minar is the second highest brick minaret in the world. The minaret, towering 80 meters (270 feet) into the sky, is made of marble and red sands nearby is the Iron Pillar, so named because it’s made from metals that don’t rust.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is the second most popular tourist attraction in India after the Taj Mahal. The seven palaces that make up the Mysore Palace complex are nothing short of spectacular. The palace is an exciting mix of Muslim, Hindu, Gothic and Rajput styles. Three stories high, it has deep pink marble domes and an ivory tower. 

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, India’s oldest national park is a good place to see the endangered Bengal tiger. Established in 1936, the park was renamed in 1954 to honor Jim Corbett, author and wildlife conservationist. April to June is best time to get closer views of the wildlife, including elephants, leopards, rhinoceros, and the Himalayan black bears.

Meenakshi Amman Temple

Located on the Vaigai River Meenakshi Amman Temple is an impressive Hindu temple that dates back to the sixth century. Intricate carvings about inside and out; the temple has a total of 14 towers, each dedicated to a god or person. Some 33,000 sculptures as well as rich paintings can be found in the temple complex.


The Khajuraho group of temples combines art with eroticism. It is one of the finest examples of medieval temple art, not only in India, but all around the world. Built around the 10th century, sculptures were created at a time, when erotic art was auspicious. The carvings and sculptures represent women’s traditional lifestyles in medieval times.

The Kerala backwaters

The Kerala backwaters are a chain of lagoons and a lake that lies in the Kerala state. The Kerala backwaters are home to many unique species of aquatic life. Today, houseboat tourism is the most popular tourist activity in the backwaters of Kerala.

Thikse Monastery

This 12-story building resembles the Potala Palace in Lhasa. This is a sole Buddhist monastery that is located in an aloof Ladakh state of India. 


Located in northeast India Darjeeling is famous for tea, trains and scenic beauty. Besides that the travelers can see the splendid panoramic views of the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan foothills. 


Palolem is Goa’s spectacular beaches and also one of the most beautiful places to be in. It is a natural bay surrounded by lofty headlands on sides, resulting in a calm, idyllic sea with a gently sloping bed. The nightlife of Palolem is one of the most happening beach destinations amongst all.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is among the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Asia. It is one of best places to catch a glimpse of a tiger in India.


Situated on the banks of the River Ganges, Varanasi is sacred to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. This pilgrimage site is thronged by devotees in the River Ganges for their daily rituals. Spiritual minded people paying offerings and chanting mantras during sunrise is one of the most impressive sights in the world.

India is a tolerant, vivid, absorbing and a peculiar nation. It is deep rooted to its traditions, spirituality and religions, arts and architecture and it’s their mainstay till date. A brief into all its traits makes it quite evident why India is a pottpouri of everything. 

Spirituality and Religions of India

Spirituality’ stands for lifestyles and practices that embody a vision of human existence. India is land of believers, some believe in Hinduism, some in Islam. In short Indians are hardly atheist, most of them believe at least in some ideology. 

Languages of India

The Constitution of India officially recognizes 23 official languages. Though many people speak Hindi in India, 59 percent of India residents speak something other than Hindi. 

Food delicacies of India

Indian cuisine is also influenced by many other countries. It is known for its large assortment of dishes and its liberal use of herbs and spices. Cooking styles vary from region to region. Much of Indian food has 6 different flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy. A proper Indian meal is a perfect balance of all 6 flavors. This gives the travelers a chance to savor variant delicacies of Indian food.

Kulcha Chana. 

Kulcha Chana is a street food snack can be found all over India. Kulcha Chana is a light chickpea salad with fresh coriander, red onions, and tomatoes. It is served with a special lime/spice dressing and fluffy shallow fried bread.

The Hyderabad Chicken Biryani

The Hyderabad Chicken Biryani holds its origins in ancient war times as the perfect food for soldiers in historic India. This classic dish is best eaten in south India and is a spice infused rice dish cooked in a huge vessel over many hours.

Dal Fry

It is a light lentil curry that varies in flavors and textures as you travel through India. Dal fry has a lovely earthy flavor and feels nourishing while you eat it; it also packs in the protein.

Bhaji Pav

Native to the state of Rajashtan and Maharashtra it is naughty but nice. This is a classic Indian street food dish. Bhaji Pav is a thick buttery tomato curry. It is served with a hot crispy bread roll and garnished with red onion slices and a fresh lime wedge.

Masala Dosa

Found more commonly throughout South India. Dosa is a very thin pancake or crepe made from fermented rice and black lentils. It is served with two, sometimes more, sauces and chutneys. Have fun and use your hands. Try it in Kerala or Tamil Nadu. 


A Thali, or set meal, is a platter of different Indian dishes, ranging from six, to as many as 20 varieties. It includes often rice, poppadum, curd, chapati, dal, other veg curries, sambar, pickle, dessert, and more.

Chole Bhature

The dish, most popular in the Punjab region, but found throughout India. Most importantly it can be eaten as a snack, or, if you’re like me, as a meal. Chole is the richly spiced chickpea curry, and bhature is the deep fried bread. The dish is often served with lime wedges, onion slices, and green chilies.

Architecture and art

An epitome of Indian architecture is the Taj Mahal, built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan 

An ode to Sun God, where even stones speak up in prayer- Konark Temple

The integral land of three beliefs, The Ellora Caves

Where the walls sing and sculptures dance, the Chola temples

The misrepresented temples of Khajuraho

A rock cut sonnet to the great war of Mahabharata, Mahabalipuram

This epic monuments displays strong representation of Indian architecture that is immaculate and unparalleled

Nightlife of India

India is known all over the world for its rich culture and traditions. One can find colorful nightlife thriving in the cities. With the growing corporate culture and the nightlife has become an integral part of its metropolitan lives. Here’s our list of the top cities in India where you can head for a great party.


With cheap drinks and a number of laid back beaches, Goa is where you’ll have a good time, no matter what. Discos, beach parties, jazz concerts, full moon trance parties, rave parties it is sensational. Goa is one of the best places in the country for celebrating New Year as well.


Mumbai is known as ‘The City of Dreams’. Apart from Bollywood and glamour, the nightlife is also what the city is famous for. You’ll find some of the best known international celebrities, DJs and bands, doing the rounds at parties and entertaining the humongous crowds here. 


The capital city of Delhi adds variant vibes in the nightlife. From cozy pubs to sleek bars, Delhi has something for every taste, budget and mood.


The city of Pune has lounges, clubs, discos and pubs in abundance. Here, wild parties go on all the year round, and rock shows and musical concerts are held every night. 


Partying in Hyderabad guarantees the most sparkling night out. With numerous clubs, discos and lounges, the night becomes fun with a xing of cocktails and dancing all the way to great music.


For a frisky and energetic nightlife experience, there’s no better place in India than Chandigarh. The nightlife at Chandigarh is full of energy as Punjabi music dominates the parties here. 


Though it is a magnificent abode or timeless forts and palaces, Jaipur is also a place to experience an amazing nightlife. An increasing number of nightclubs and bars are cropping up here, with concerts and dance shows being held on a regular basis.


Kolkata is where you get to see a great blend of traditions and modernism. The same is well reflected in the city’s nightlife too. The city hosts various music genres like jazz, hip-hop, blues or disco at nights.

Dance and Music

India has a very rich culture of dance and music. Indian dances are generally categorized as classical dances and folk dances.  From the ancient times, different dance forms are practiced in India. The major classical dance traditions — Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam and Kathakali draw on themes from mythology.

India is incredible as its richness has something for every traveler. India is a tantalizing blend of the old and the new. As the vociferous old bazaars rub shoulders with swanky shopping malls is simply awesome. The majestic monuments accompany luxurious heritage hotels; the quintessential traveller can get the best of both worlds. Head to the mountains, enjoy a beach retreat or cruise through the golden Thar. Whatever your plans are for India Mission Nepal takes you on a traveling journey of a lifetime.

India is incredible as its richness has something for every traveler. India is a tantalizing blend of the old and the new. As the vociferous old bazaars rub shoulders with swanky shopping malls is simply awesome. The majestic monuments accompany luxurious heritage hotels; the quintessential traveller can get the best of both worlds. Head to the mountains, enjoy a beach retreat or cruise through the golden Thar. Whatever your plans are Mission Nepal ensures that you the best traveling experience for making lifetime memories