Guide and Crews in Tibet

Personally, Tibetan guides are kind, helpful and easygoing but do not have formal trainings from the authorities or schools. So, they lack in competency and professionalism. They may have limited English. If your guide can ex- plain fluently about the history, culture, or participate in a discussion on any academic topics, you are lucky! The guide basically serves as an escort and they find their job done in bringing you to the sightseeing places, getting permits checked, co-coordinating with the driver and helping you check in hotel. For in- formation part, be prepared yourself. However, we try to assign you the best and knowledgeable guide for your com- fort. The driver may not speak English at all. On trekking trips, we also send a separate cook and helper.

Popular Packages

  • Helambu Trekking in Nepal @Mission Nepal Holidays
    USD 899 809.1
  • Labuche East Peak Climbing in Nepal
    USD 2925 2632.5
  • USD 799 719.1

    Panchase Trek

    11 Days