Accommodation in Tibet

In Lhasa, there are few 4 star hotels, some small and decent boutique types Guest houses of 4 star type prices are available. Many 3 star rated good quality hotels are available for tourists’ stay. In Tsedang, currently there are one 4 star and two 3 star rated hotels available. In major towns like Gyantse and Shigatse there are two 3 star hotels. The places like Xegar, the best available accommo- dation are a single 2 star rated hotel. All two stars rated or above hotels have rooms with attached bath and hot show- er. Three to four star hotels usually have additional amenities, such as air- conditioning, TVs, mini bar etc. Hotels in China/Tibet are not comparable to western standards. Communication with hotel staff can be difficult because of poor in English language. Hot water is available only during certain time of the day. Please report the receptionist for any problem you have during your stay.

You will have to adjust in very primitive guesthouses in towns like Tingri, Lhatse, Rongbuk, Nyalam, Namtso Lake. Most of these guesthouses of have dorm style beds you will get a private room, but you have to pay extra. Guesthouses provide futon or foam mattress and blan- kets or quilts but some travelers will feel more comfortable with their own sleep- ing bags. Do not expect western style toilet and shower in guesthouse. A tradi- tional Tibetan toilet is simply a pit on earth. Woman traveler will find skirt comfortable for Tibetan pit toilet pur- pose. You have to have your own toilet paper. If by chance, hot shower is avail- able, you will have to pay extra for using it but in the climate of Tibet, one hardly thinks of taking cloths off.

Sometime, because of weather factor or road condition, we may not be able to bring you to the hotel of our contract or rooms may be already sold out due to delay arrival and we may have to request you to adjust in alterna- tive accommodation. Your co-operation is very much important at this point. During trekking, you will sleep in tent. You will be provided with mattress, pillow and sleeping bags. A toilet tent will be fixed near the camping area.

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