Minuscule Group Trekking- A safe wise option for touring in post pandemic times

Minuscule Group Trekking- A safe wise option for touring in post pandemic times


The world is currently reeling under the wrath of Corona Pandemic. In every nook and corner of the world its terrifying traces can be found in plenty. Hence to keep it at bay social distancing is the best option to combat and has become a new normal in everybody's lives. The debate is there if isolation is beneficial for people or causes more harm to them. Social distancing has been implemented to curb the spread of coronavirus in most places in the world. Nowadays lockdowns and rules of isolation are becoming less strict across the globe. But the question is do the people actually feel to socialize as much as before the lockdown? Do they feel like spending a holiday in crowded places? Are they keen to share their free time with strangers? Or just want to rest and relax in the company of friends and family back home.

Without speculating and assuming too much common sense should prevail. The need of the hour is to be safe and demands subtle changes in the way we need to travel during the. Therefore we should carefully adopt and take necessary steps and be aware while traveling.

  • The first and foremost thing is to go privately and be in a compact holiday group.
  • Travel with a smaller known group on a holiday, rather than going with unknown people.
  • Emphasize on health and safety, from both the travellers, tours operators, and guides point of view.
  • Wisely choose less crowded destinations.
  • Go for tour operators and companies that have flexible cancellations and refund policies.

Miniature summarized updates about Covid in Nepal 

Initially when other parts of the world were under firm stranglehold of the Corona pandemic in Nepal it was just the start. Coronavirus hit Nepal with delay. The applied lockdown lasted from the end of March until the middle of July 2020. With the passing of the days the numbers are on the rise. Despite the magnanimity of the pandemic the government has lifted up the lockdown due to economic reasons. Due to lockdown the tourism market is experiencing a set back and a downwards trend. Being one of the premier sources of the country's earnings its ill effects are clearly evident. Currently shops, local transport and services are slowly opening again. International flights have been rescheduled and the operations have been restored to normal in scanty. The question however remains that is Nepal a safe place to visit in the coming days? The answer to it is that it depends on various aspects such as:-

Is the safety of traveling in Nepal taken seriously and maintained?

By and large if necessary precautions are maintained, Nepal is as safe as any other country around the world. Travellers to be on a safer side should carry travel insurance to avoid any kind of hassles. Moreover there are a number of hospitals dealing with cases of Coronavirus and separate tourist clinics as well. These hospitals are operational in the capital city of Kathmandu and Pokhara 

Another important aspect is to maintain social distance at all times and places wherever you tread on. Make a conscious effort to apply health safety rules and avoid mass gathering at private or public places. If you consider all these precautionary measures the possibilities of getting the virus will be negative.

The travel agency that you are traveling ensures that you will be playing in comfortable smaller vehicles. Besides that regularly cleaning and disinfecting the facilities will be carried out as well Similarly the places that you will be staying in are carefully selected based on the hygiene standards.

In these trying conditions Nepal has been very precautious with making decisions of lifting up the lockdown. It is in no hurry at all and carrying out the process slowly in various stages and phases. As it is pretty evident that Nepal doesn’t have a very advanced National care and health system compared to other developed countries. The steps taken are only to curb the outspread of COVID, and to keep the number of infected people to the minimal. The only aim for prolonging the lockdown is to curb and alleviate the effects of corona 

Minuscule Group Trekking, Why and what is it?

The term 'Minuscule Group Trekking' means trekking in comfortable safe smaller groups of like-minded travelers. It is the need of an hour especially during the Covid times. It is necessary also as a small group means fewer people with only a guide or a tour leader. Personalized individual approach and more authentic experience will be gained while trekking and exploring places of interest.

Benefits of Traveling in Minuscule groups

Insightful travel experiences

It is always great to explore places and activities with an insightful approach. That too having a good guide next to you is always a good idea. Being in a small group gives you enough time and an opportunity to communicate better with the guide. The guide will also have time in hand to give you a deep insight into the culture and tradition of visiting places.

Easy Comfort level and peaceful

Travelling in minuscule group usually means that spick and span. Safety can be maintained for all participants at ease due to the countable number of travelers. Also the knowledgeable guides are qualified and well trained to take you to places with comfort and safety.

A chance to make new friends

Travelling to an unknown country is always an uphill task and that too with strangers. It’s quite evident that the expectation level of each traveler is different and tough at times. This is where the tour leaders play a vital role. The leader decides the group size and segregates people as per their age, origin, activity experience etc. In doing so there is a much better chance to strike the right balance and find a company within the group.

Minuscule group trekking gives more time flexibility and less rushed schedule, because the size of the group is smaller. There is always a better chance of running through a tight schedule and is well managed too. The schedule can be chopped and changed accordingly even at the last minute.

Safety and Security of Traveling trekkers

In recent times of Covid pandemic safety is one aspect that is compulsory and significant as well. According to tourism experts, safety is invariably proportionate to the number of people in the group. The fewer the people in the group the more individual approach and care. Immediate care and help can be provided at instant speed in case of emergency situations if any. Besides that travelling in smaller vehicles, in less crowded atmosphere, the better is the interaction procedure. With all these things in place the guided tour in minuscule group provides extra safety to the trip at ease.

Is the minuscule group trekking for all walks of life?

Minuscule trekking holidays are a blessing in disguise for people who thrive on organized vacation from the beginning to the end. Similarly it is advantageous for people who are short on time. Small group trips are often chosen by solo travellers who want to meet other people and create new relationships. On the other hand families also choose small minuscule group tours to feel comfortable and travel with their own kith and kin  

Discovering Nepal and the Himalayas in a small group trek is safe and more personalized. Secondly will give you an amazing opportunity to meet new people and share experiences. Also you will have first-hand information from your guide to extend your knowledge and enrich the experience.

Therefore social distancing also means a social change with regards to safe travel. It means to choose smart, responsible and safe travel options and continue exploring. Mission Nepal Holidays completely abides and understands the safe aspects of social distancing travel. Be with us to keep aside all your inhibitions regarding travel during the times of Covid pandemic. Be rest assured that you will get a memorable safe experience and go back home without a scratch.