Round Manaslu Treks

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If you are trekking in Nepal, the Round Manaslu Treks is one of the must-do treks in Nepal. It’s got everything for you! It will take you to the foothill of the eighth highest peak, Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m). During the trekking journey, you will trek around the Nepal-Tibet border. Despite its remoteness and isolation, Round Manaslu Treks is still one of the most popular trekking trails in Nepal. The trek offers excellent mountain vistas of the highest mountain, including Mt. Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Well, the Manaslu trail leads through the splendid unspoiled mountain trails. You will get to explore a variety of cultural experiences of the diverse ethnic communities of the Manalsu region. Thus, it is a perfect blend of rich Himalayan culture, exotic wildlife, and stunning views of mountains. In recent days, the Manaslu region has become a popular alternative trekking destination to Annapurna and Everest region. 

Round Manaslu Treks will take you around the Manaslu Conservation Area. It is a 23-day trek package that starts at Gorkha and ends at Besi Sahar. Throughout the trek, you will be continuously accompanied by the magnificent view of Mt. Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world. So, this adventurous trek offers you the right dose of adventure. No, any roller coaster can give you the adrenaline rush like this Manaslu trek package!

Best Time To Round Manaslu Trek

Round Manaslu Trek is possible throughout the year. But the best time is during Autumn (September- November) and Spring (March-May). These seasons are favorable as the Manaslu trek weather remains stable and cozy. The temperature is excellent as it will be neither too hot nor too cold. Likewise, with proper gear and preparations, you can even trek during Monsoon and Winter season. However, during monsoon, the trail gets more slippery and wet, so you need to walk carefully. Also, there is a risk of leeches and bugs. So, if you are planning during this time, remember to carry insect repellent. Also, in winter, due to heavy snow-fall, the high-altitude pass is closed. 

Round Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Manaslu treks cover approximately 177 kilometers in total distance. So, if you are trekking for the first time, you might find the trek a bit challenging. On average, you need to cover roughly 15 to 20 kilometers per day. Walking into the most remote trail is exciting and adventure, but at the same time, it can be challenging. Sometimes continuously walking for more than 7 hours can be frustrating. Since the trekking trail is less crowded 

Round Manaslu Trek Altitude and Elevation 

During the Manalsu trek, Larkya La Pass, at 5,123 meters, is the highest point of the trek. The trek begins from Kathmandu at 1,300 meters. During the trek, there is a frequent altitude gain until you reach Larkya La Pass, and from there again, altitude starts declining.  There is also a risk of altitude sickness as the highest Manaslu trek altitudes are above 5,000 meters. But it is wise to take the Manaslu trekking route map with yourself, which provides you the detail information regarding the elevations, trek duration, and so on.

Tour Length 23 Days Price per day USD 100
Tour Type Price per day USD 100
Age Requirement - yrs Price per day USD 100
Group Size - people Price per day USD 100
From USD 2,299