Things to consider while Planning for Everest Base Camp Trek

Damodar Dhakal
Things to consider while Planning for Everest Base Camp Trek @ Mission Nepal Holidays

There is no greater feeling or aspiration than to make a plan for Everest Base Camp Trek. However it is an uphill task and a tough decision to execute. There is nothing better than a climb to get over anything and everything. Be it an adventure junkie or an avid trekker the Everest base camp has always been an imposing epitome of achievement. Be it that your first time or repeated voyage for many a years, or someone who has been doing it for years, Nepal has something for everyone.

The country is an absolute paradise for those who aspire for hilly places and mountains. Everybody wants to achieve the feat of making it to one of the highest mountain in the world at least once in a lifetime. For some, Everest Base Camp Trekking is dream and for some it’s a passion. Trekking in Nepal will let you make wonderful memories and much more

Acknowledging your passion we have carefully compiled this blog, for the people who have Everest Base Camp trek in there bucket list. This blog carries all the information right from the scratch. This will give you a fair idea as to how to plan Everest Base Camp Trek. The journey to Everest base is amazing and fascinating.

So let’s get started and find out all the details that need to be considered while planning Everest Base Camp Trek. 

Best routes for Everest Base Camp Trekking

First and foremost, before planning for the trek, you should be aware that there are various paths to reach the Everest Base Camp. Some routes are easier compared to some other routes. This blog highlights all such routes that could be handy for your Everest Base Camp Trekking.

Normal Standard route

Normal route is the most favored route. It consists of 14 day or 16 day itinerary. The itinerary The 14 day itinerary is Short Everest Base Camp Trek which excludes the sightseeing tour in Kathmandu and extra leisure day after the trek. On the other hand the 16 days Everest Base Camp trek includes both sightseeing tour and leisure day after the trek. The 14 days itinerary is designed especially for those who have time constraints. Hence it is always a good idea to go for a 14 day travel when weather is in your side. As more often than not the weather is unpredictable in Everest region so this is a wise option to choose.

Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lake

Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lake is quite challenging one. The trail is off the beaten and comparatively less crowded. This is a dramatic route as the trek takes us to Gokyo Ri, Gokyo Lake and Ngozumpa glacier which is one of the largest glacier in the world. This trek reaches high altitudes quite quickly so it is important to take the suggested acclimatization days and to be aware of signs of altitude sickness. It is a fun walking trail that goes up and down the rolling hills, like the waves in the ocean and is definitely a trek that should not be missed.

Everest Three Pass trek

The Everest High Passes Trek is an adventurous cross over the three popular mountain passes of the Everest trek. These passes are Kongma La (5336m), Chola pass (5425m) and Renjo La (5335m). These all passes are above 5000 meter so crossing these passes itself is an achievement. It is an exhilarating outdoor excursion that offers you the awesome mountains and ice cover. This enduring trek is a sensational walk all along the cold path of high passes whilst immersing your-self in the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayan region.

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek is an exceptional way of getting close to the stunning Everest Base Camp the bird’s way. Everest base camp helicopter tour is an opportunity to explore the Himalayas land of Mount Everest. This one day tours offer breathtaking mountains views, culture of people in Everest as well as life time experience of best heli tours in the world. 

Everest Helicopter Tours @ Mission Nepal ToursMission Nepal Holidays team has two different types of trek packages. The itinerary is similar as the normal trek itinerary, the only difference is a helicopter ride which is absent in normal trek itinerary. In our 11 days Everest Base Camp Heli Trek directly brings you to Kathmandu from Gorakshep. And other is of 12 days EBC Shuttle Heli Trek package which will fly you out from Gorakshep to Lukla and from there you can take a flight back to Kathmandu.

So these are some of the routes and ways to reach Everest Base Camp. You can choose any of the above routes you think appeals to you the best.

The most difficult part about the plan and the route is over. Next thing that comes in your mind is the best season to visit the Everest Base Camp trek. In general, Everest Base Camp Trek is doable all year around. However, if you want to get the best views and take the advantage of its diverseness knowing the best season is extremely important. Take a look below for the best trekking seasons and what can you expect in those particular seasons out of Everest Base Camp.

Spring Season

Spring Season attracts large number of tourist every year in Nepal. The spring season of March to May is the best time as it offers splendid mountain views. The main idea behind selecting the spring season is because this is the season of bloom. The trekking path showcases a colorful display of exotic flowers which is an awe-inspiring sight. If you are an avid nature lover, than this is the best time for you to make it to the Everest Base Camp Trek. Hence, nature is amazing during this time of the year.

Summer/Monsoon season

This season is for those who like hot and wet climate. The months of June to August experiences monsoon rain that is soothingly calm and takes of heat from the sultry weather. The only drawback is the monsoon rains delay flights or lead to cancellation. There is no need to panic as it is always advisable to have an extra day or two at our disposal. If in case the flight is delayed or cancelled it still can be covered if you miss the international flight. Therefore, Everest Base Camp Trek is possible in summer/monsoon season as the trail is less crowded for you to enjoy the trail to the fullest.

Autumn Season

This is an indifferent season of mixed weather. The months of September to November sees a huge gathering of tourist that travel to Nepal. This is the time when the days are warmer and nights are cooler with crispy air. These are the months to get the crystal clear views of the mountain. However this is also the season where the trekking paths are frequented by many making it crowded and busy. If you want to trek at a leisurely pace without too much of crowd than visit during late monsoon season or early spring season.

Winter Season

This is a harsh season that falls in the month of December and goes up to February. Not many people travel during this time due to extreme cold weather. But the mountain views during this time are truly breathtaking. The winter season is not recommend for trekking due to hostile cold conditions However, if you thrive under challenging conditions and like the cold weather then you will enjoy trekking to the fullest. You can get the best out of it with right kind of trekking gear and a flexible time schedule.

After discussing about the suitable months for attempting the Everest Base Camp Trek we move on to the next aspect. In the section, we are going to discuss how difficult is Everest Base Camp trekking trail.

Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty

As daunting as the name may sound, the Everest Base Camp Trek is not a difficult trekking journey. The reason for this is because most of the trekking is at a slow pace and with days in hand for acclimatization. Beginner as well as experienced trekkers can do this trek. So people with no prior trekking experience can attempt this trek too. To undertake this trekking trail, we recommend trekkers to do some physical exercise, and walk short distances. This will help build the inner stamina which will come handy at the time of actual Everest Base Camp Trekking.

Conserve your energy on a high altitude trail.

When you start the trek to Everest Base Camp, you are at the elevation of 2,850m/ 9,000 feet and will be walking high in the Himalaya’s. Slow your walking pace drastically when on the trail. The key with climbing any mountain or trekking to altitude is to use as little energy as possible.  Yes, physical exertion is an important part of acclimatizing, along with hydration (4/5 liters per day), eating well and sleeping.  However, you have to make sure you keep your walking pace slow and keep your heart rate at a manageable rate. Therefore, if you conserve your energy lower down on the trail, then you will have stores of energy for higher up!

The final part left to discuss is about the budget and overall cost of the trip. Let’s take a look at the cost and budget options

Cost and budget for the Everest Base Camp Trek 

The prices of a package Everest Base Camp trek ranges from as low as USD 800 up to $1,700+ per person for an average 8 – 12 day trek. Package trek prices should include: trekking permits, local transportation, accommodation and meals. So before purchasing the Everest Base Camp Trek through any travel agencies make sure you know what is included in the given cost. There are standard packages which are more budget friendly and there are luxury trekking package which is on an expensive side. It all depends upon your choice and references as to what price best suits your pocket.

An idea of traveling independently is enticing, adventurous and cost effective, but has its own set of advantages and perils. The advantage you get is that if trekking alone you can tread anywhere you want to at your own pace. 

However the danger is you have to find your own trail, reserve your own accommodation and shoulder the entire burden if any unexpected happens. So it’s a wise decision to make and take a guided trek even if you have to part with extra bit of money. 

So rather complete your Everest Base Camp Trek with safety rather than putting your trek journey in jeopardy. Let your commonsense prevail and budget your trip carefully.

We are absolutely certain and hopeful that all these points will certainly give you an idea about the Everest Base Camp Trek. We have carefully covered all the important facts based upon our past experience that needs to be addressed. We hope that you will plan to be on this Everest Base Camp Trekking with Mission Nepal Holidays with confidence.

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