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Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake is one of the deepest and biggest lakes that lie in the lap of the mighty mountains of the beautiful country, Nepal. The unique and distinct nature of Rara Lake has made this lake a popular destination among the domestic and international tourists. Rara Lake Trek is an excellent chance for you to be among the individuals who have stepped on the remote trails of western Nepal.

The Rara Lake lies in Mugu District and the elevation of the lake is 2,990m above sea level. The Lake is around 5.1km long and 2.7 km wide. So, it is also among the biggest freshwater lakes in Nepal. The Nepalese know this lake as the ‘Queen of Lakes’. Similarly, you will pass through the Rara National Park which is also the best national park in Nepal. Additionally, you can also do boating in this glamorous lake if you visit there at the right time.

Some facts of Rara Lake Trek

Rara National Park is the smallest national park of Nepal but the beautiful and the unique flora and fauna this park has been protecting since a long time is worth the effort. Furthermore, the lake lies between the majestic mountains and due to its beautiful bluish color it is known as “a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks”.

The trek covers the area of western Jumla and Mugu. This place holds significance on both Hindu and Buddhist religion. With the total size of 13KM, it is the biggest lake of Nepal. Mugu, the district where Rara Lake is located, was ruled by the Malla Kingdom before the unification of Nepal. Not to mention, the destination can be reached by cycling if you are an adventurous mountain-bikers.

Also, the area has a perfect environment for musk deer, Himalayan wild bear, panther, Himalayan goral, and other intriguing creatures.

Why go for Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trekking is a way to find what far-western region of Nepal looks like. The trekking route passes through snow-topped mountains and it leads you through open backwoods. Especially, one can pursue the off-the-beaten trail and appreciate the endowments of nature in a full swing. Also, you experience an assortment of nature. All these that you see and where you walk, happen in the Rara National Park from where you can observe the musk deer, Himalayan wild bear, Panther, Himalayan goral, Red Panda, and Danfe.

Since the trekking trail navigates rich green woodland, it takes you on the voyage of greenery and the trek ends in Rara Lake from where you can see the impression of powerful and magnificent Himalayas. You will be at the location where the mountains cover the Rara Lake but now the glorious mountains will be covering you as well.

While you are on this trek, a campfire can be one of the enjoyable moments with your friends or partners.

Best Season for the Trek

The best season to visit this area can be from spring season i.e. September- November and autumn season i.e. March-May. The weather is favorable these seasons and you can also observe the natural beauty of this trekking trail, which otherwise during winter is covered with the snow.

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