Nepal’s paradisiacal Fishing Lines – Top Fishing and Rafting Tours in Nepal

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Fishing and Rafting Tours in Nepal @ Mission Nepal Holidays

Fishing and Rafting Tours in Nepal 

Nepal is an angler’s wonderland beyond comparison. It has become the center of attraction for adventure traveling for some years now. There is very few avid water lovers that find themselves at home in the cool fun filled streams of Nepal. Most of the rivers alongside lakes in Nepal boast fish from different families including Rainbow trout and Silver Carp. Nepal has preserved more than 200 species of fish of which 190 are indigenous. Adventure fishing with rafting trips in Nepal provides you with just the right balance of relaxing and adventure.

Anglers are in for a treat in Nepal. Here they find them-self in the midst of fishing adventure well complimented by adventurous sports such as rafting. There are variant fishing destinations in Nepal that are both mild to fast pace. Amongst all Trishuli in particular is thronged by thousands of people every year as it gives them an adrenaline ride of a lifetime.

Mission Nepal Holidays has carefully compiled a list of rafting and fishing bounty destination for you to be in.

Trishuli River- Fishing with the torrent currents

Trishuli is most famous fishing and rafting river lies in the bottom of the Ganesh Himal region. It is Moderate River and also named of Play River in Nepal. Rafting, Kayaking and Fishing are the major activities can be done in Trishuli especially after monsoon season. While you fish in  the Trishuli River you can see the mountain of Langtang region.

Trihsuli River is a perfect habitat for fishes such as Trout, River Eel, and Golden Mahaseer are quite popular in the Trishuli River. Besides fishing, the anglers can make use of their spare time either in rafting or camping at the banks this extraordinary river.

Seti Karnali River – Fast and Furious River

The Seti Karnali River is one of the best fast-flowing Rivers in Nepal. Set amidst the lush green hills it gives a splendid feel of the surroundings. Seti Karnali is a major tributary of the Karnali River that lies in the western part of Nepal. 

Though fast paced river, it still holds amazing fish species such as the silver Mahseer, giant catfish, Sahar and Bokar. 

Tamor River – Fishing powerhouse 

Tamor is a splendid river that has best kept fish secrets than any other rivers in Nepal. This is a powerhouse of a river that boasts of 26 varieties of fish like Balitoridae, Cobitidae, Psilorhynchus and many more. This draws the anglers travelling close to Kanchenjunga or Sapta Koshi to make it to the waters of Tamor. Besides it is a watery paradise to get the spectacular view of Mt. Everest and Mt. Makalu. 

The Kali Gandaki River – Sizeable Monster Catch

The thrilling Kali Gandaki River is an iconic fishing destination for catching monster size fishes in Nepal. On any given day the anglers once here can get a feast catch of large-size freshwater fish to their amazement. This river is home to Nepal’s largest Golden Goonch Catfish and Golden Mahseer.

One of the longest rivers in Nepal, Kali Gandaki originates from Mustang and flows through various places of Nepal and Tibet. The sweeping river also provides an easy break and has a fun time rafting.

Babai River – Family Fishing and Rafting Arena

Babai River is a diverse fishing river destination that hosts exotic wildlife to indigenous floral beauty along with beautiful landscapes. The Babai River itself has more than 50 varied species of fish which is enticing enough to lay hands on.

Located in Babai Valley, the river is known for its gigantic Golden Mahseer, Indian Trout Barb, and Goonch. The river flows through a conserved area of Bardia National Park. This provides a very interesting opportunity for the get a good look at the grazing wild Asian Elephants, deer and rhino herds.

Standard gear requirements for fishing and rafting 

The combination of fishing with rafting itself is an adventurous outing that is fun -filled and rewarding. However wondering what gears you should have at hand in order to get the best out of this trip. We have tried our best to compile a list of basic gear that you will require for adventure fishing with a rafting trip in Nepal.

Fishing gears

Fly Rods

Spinning Reel (ultralight spinning reel is recommended)

Fishing vest

Polarized sunglasses


Rafting gears

Waterproof jackets

Swimming costume

Sunscreen with at least SPF 15

Spare glasses in case you wear contacts

Sleeping bag

Running shoes so they don’t come off on the raft




Long pants and shirts

Light jacket


Waterproof jacket

Warm clothing if you are traveling in cold weather

River sandals and comfortable footwear

Proper preparation along with basic gears is good enough for you to have fun filled fishing with rafting trip experience in Nepal. You don’t have to worry about your safety during the rafting experience. Mission Nepal’s team will take care of you with safety both in and out of waters. We are absolutely certain and hopeful that you will have a great thrilling fishing and rafting water experience to the fullest.

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