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Morgan Girardeau

Tourism & Sports Expert

Mr. Morgan Girardeau is Entrepreneur and teacher of judo, black belt 5th dan, he was born in Vannes in Brittany more than forty years ago. Dad of two boys, he like to live in action, in challenge. From preservationist in business to commercial agent through the management of a service, its management, or even the profession of firefighter, discovering, adapting and enriching myself with new knowledge, skills is his daily life. In his judo training, he act with this same attitude. Passionate, curious, committed, he try, try, he also venture on new paths, at the risk of falling sometimes. Fall to better get up.

Better than yesterday but much less than tomorrow.Β Still and always !

Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling and discovering the world one day?

What judoka did not, once in his life, wish to do so by being an actor of his passion, from club to club, from dojo to dojo?

Go to meet the Other, understand his culture, his environment, share with him and him the same taste for effort, commitment as well as the values ​​and principles imagined by Jigoro Kano, the founder of this martial art, of this educational and sporting discipline.

This extraordinary experience, from September 14, 2015 to July 12, 2017, he realized it!

In all humility, he swapped his teaching status for that of student. He went and managed to train in 41 countries, a symbolic figure of his age at the end of this rich and intense journey, of this moving and trying personal adventure.

“Explore, meet and share through the passion of judo”; that was his goal at the start. On arrival, after 132,606 kilometers covered and more than 10,000 judokas encountered in 121 different clubs, he reached it.

Like an open book, this website aims to leave a trace of this history, but not only … It will also hold many surprises over time!

So as it says on a judo mat to start a great moment of sharing:


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