Trekking Guide

Jit Bahadur Romba

Senior Trekking Guide

Mr. Jit Bahadur Romba was born in Rasuwa, Nepal. He is an expert in the trekking field and excels at being the best trek leader. He started his career as a trekking guide in the early 2010, working with a wide variety of customers from all around the world. He is very friendly honest and hardworking with an excellent guiding record and known for his genuine care. He is fluent in English, someone who takes care of all the guests who travel with him. Having trekked in all the regions of Nepal from High altitude to more gentle treks, he has great knowledge of the culture & religions of the areas he is trekking through.

His experience in the field clearly shows in his guiding techniques. He is high-spirited as well, and he always takes his responsibilities as a guide and a trek leader very seriously. There have never been any cases where the customers have not been satisfied with his work. In every cases, he has managed to make sure that the clients are happy and completely satisfied with his work. He always keeps the group together, and strengthens his relationships with all people who are under his responsibility while trekking.

Jit has explored and visited almost all parts of Nepal, and his work is always perfect. He always makes the customers feel comfortable and let them enjoy the trip while trying his best to make it as memorable as he can.

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