Langtang- A Mystic unperturbed valley of Glaciers

Damodar Dhakal

5 Top Reasons to Visit Langtang Valley Trekking

Langtang Valley,the name in itself is a synonym of mystic, mysterious, magical elusive feel. Langtang valley trekking is one of the best outdoor face-off with the Himalayan glacial terrain. It is only 19 miles from the bustling capital city of Kathmandu. Langtang valley trekking is a destination glorified by the backdrop of imposing mountains till your eyes can reach. Langtang Valley trekking trail is like wandering among-st the ever changing vegetation from lush tropical to scattered alpine. It is a blissful bounty that boasts of shimmering red pastels of the rhododendron and towering emerald pine forest. Besides that it is very hard to resist the warm welcome given by the ethnic Tamang communities that makes it a worthwhile trekking destination.

Langtang valley trekking has so many splendors to bask upon, making langtang as your first choice of trekking destination here in Nepal. So let’s rewind and have a look at the 5 top reasons that make Langtang Valley Trekking so special, and unique.

The Langtang Valley Trekking is:

1. A glacial valley of lakes

Since time immemorial Trekking in

has been an enchanting affair. This valley is fondly known as the valley of glacier where number of glacial river and lakes embellish this ecstatic region. The Langtang valley boasts of the world’s longest Langtang glacier, Gosaikunda lake, Bhairabkunda, and many icy glacier lakes that originates and run through the mighty Himalayas. Gosaikunda Lake is one of the holiest lakes in the Langtang Region that is revered by the ardent religious followers. Each year in the month of April, the Gosaikunda Lake Trek trail comes alive as hundreds of Hindu pilgrims throng to this lake for a holy dip. Beside that nature has carved out this valley with great care, as its impressions can be seen in the form of wonderful land formations. It is a plethora of nature dancing down to the tunes of gushing frozen lakes that is soothing to the eyes and mind.

2. The Kyanjin Gompa & Tamang Heritage

The Langtang Valley trek trail is an ideal mix of history, ethnicity and religious significance. It is a mesmerizing rendezvous with ideal Tamang hamlets, gushing streams and the historically significant Kyanjin Gompa. This is an iconic age old Buddhist monastery that beholds rich cultural past and significance. Exploring this stunning Kyanjin Gompa requires time to discover its natural beauty aura and feel. If you have at least a day to spare than you can hike up to the Kyanjin RI which is an ideal viewpoint to gaze at its impressive glacial surroundings. From here once can witness the icefalls of Langtang Lirung (7240m), Kimshung (6779m) and Langshisha RI (6371m). Above all standing tall gives you a picture perfect view of the adjoining towering mountains that makes your visit worthwhile and memorable.

3. The Langtang National park

The Langtang valley trekking region holds the distinction of being the first Himalayan national park of Nepal. The trekkers who have a special inclination towards wild nature and its diversity are in for an environmental treat. Langtang National Park is home to lush tropical forest and green alpine vegetation. Moving on as you ascend through to the forested areas; you will be greeted by the raging red rhododendron forest well complemented by the trees of Oak, Maple, and Cedar.

Besides flowery blossom and bloom Langtang Valley is home to endangered wild life species that are protected and preserved. The sight of elusive Himalayan Thars, the great Himalayan Black Bear, shy Rhesus Monkey, and adorable Red Pandas are a treat to watch. All these wild life ingredients demands attention, making it one of the most spectacular parks to be frequented at least once in a lifetime.

4. Langtang valley trekking is easy time saving and budget friendly

The Langtang Valley Trekking is for all walks of life. It is one of the most flexible trekking circuits that can be completed as per the time in hand. The trekking days range from anywhere between 9 days to 18 days long trek. However, it can be customized to 6 days or a week-long trek for those who are short on time. Despite this it is budget-friendly as trekkers have numerous options for lodging and hospitality. The Langtang Valley trekking region tea houses are inexpensive with standard facilities for rest and relaxation.
Mission Nepal Holidays takes care of your every need right from your meals per days, to accommodation at tea houses, camping, transport, permits. Our mode of operation is pretty transparent as there is no hidden cost or charges that you have to part with. So come pay a visit to this hidden region that adds both value and purpose to your visit.

5. A Panoramic abode for peak climbing

If getting vertical with the mountains is your domain, an adventure gushes in your veins than Langtang valley trekking is a tailor made venture for you. The Langtang Region Trek offers unrivaled bounty trails along with spectacular views of the mountains from the start till the end. This region is known for its panoramic mountain views, where sightings of the Langtang Lirung,the Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, and Sisha Pangma make it sublime and commanding, are some other panoramic mountains the Langtang region owns.

For adventure lovers who thrive on peak climbing, this is an exciting and elusive heaven for attempting a climb. This region is home to outstanding peaks of the likes of Naya Kanga, Yala Peak, Langtang Lirung, Tserko Ri, etc best for mountain expedition. It is one of the best alternatives as its technically easy, less risky, and above all doesn’t need any kind of climbing permit unlike other destinations. This is the prime reasons why the Yala Peak and Naya Kanga Peak of the Langtang region have become the ideal choice for peak climbing. In a way it is an enticing dream fulfilled for those who want to have a 360 panoramic while treading on the thrilling peaks to make historical memories for life.

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