Indra Jatra Festival | The largest festival in Kathmandu

Damodar Dhakal
Happy Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra commonly known as Yenya is an eight-day long festival. Originally celebrated by the local Newars of Kathmandu, this festival is getting popular among people of other community too. Since it is the celebration of two major festivals Kumari Jatra and Indra Jatra, we can consider this the biggest festival in Kathmandu.

The festival begins with the erection of Yosin Thanegu; a thirty-six-foot long wooden pole in the middle of Kathmandu Durbar Square area which is represented as the symbol of Lord Shiva-the conqueror. Also, the occasion includes Newari community’s tribal bands playing cymbals and other instruments locally called jhyaali, jhyaamta, dhime, etc. The people perform to praise Lord Indra; the king of heaven and also the god of the rain.

Kumari is the living goddess and also one of the ten reincarnations of Lord Vishnu. The handlers bring Goddess Kumari in a chariot. Here, we all can enjoy the blessing and also a beautiful scene which can be seen seldom. 

Hence, the mixture of faith, happiness, and strong devotion will change the vibe of the environment.

Celebration of Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra falls on the full moon of the last month of summer. It also indicates the beginning of autumn. According to the Nepali calendar, the festival falls on Bhadra which is around September.

Lakhey the masked man performs the demon dance in the middle of the square reflecting his entire wilderness in his dance. The music of loud Dhime and cymbals accompany his dance.

Mythology says that Lord Indra came to earth in the form of paarijaat (jasmine) to fulfill the ritual of his mother. But unfortunately, the locals captivated Lord Indra mistaking him for a thief. Worried, his mother starts searching for him and promises the local to provide enough dew in winter for a better harvest of their crops. To represent this, on the seventh day of the Jatra, Pulu Kisi meaning ‘the white elephant’ in Newari language acts as he is searching for his master Lord Indra.

 The man dressed as Pulu Kisi roams around imitating the white elephant which is recklessly trying to find his master. Pulu Kisi does naughty and mischievous things and also knocks out the people standing in his way. It is quite funny and interesting to see the event with your own eyes.

The three chariots which carry Kumari, Ganesh, and Bhairav, respectively, are taken into the street and narrow alley of the places around Kathmandu Durbar Square. With all the fun and enjoyment the festival ends when the wooden pole that was erected is taken down. They call this process ‘Yoshin Kwathalegu’.

Indra Jatra and its impact on Tourism Industry

Indra Jatra is one of the biggest festivals for the people of Kathmandu Valley. The festival is one of its kind and the visitors can enjoy the festival with their heart and soul. Also, one can see the biggest crowd in Kathmandu during the time of this festival. Many tourists join in on the fun as well. You can observe the unique culture, tradition, musical demonstration, playful acts, and history of Nepal. So, if the government promotes this festival in the tourism sector, it can help increase the flow of tourist in Nepal.

We heartily invite you all to join this outstanding festival and enjoy your time in Nepal. Our company totally stands-out in term of quality service. We will help you have the most amazing moment of your life.

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