The almost 40-year-old city overlooking the great Caspian Sea is a fascinating beauty and among the most serene visiting places in Kazakhstan. It is here in Aktau that one can spot some of the rare Kazakhstan tourist attractions and more of ancient architectural ensembles. Cultural centers, concert hall, cinemas, and libraries from ancient times are spread all over the city and must be explored for a local feel of the place.

You can also stroll Aktau city streets for hours admiring the architectural ensembles, green alleys lined with poplars and acacias, emerald-green lawns, and parks. Got more time to spare? Fill it with some fun-filled moments at the Skating Rink and Puppet Theatre.

Popular tourist attractions in Aktau: World War II Memorial, Botanical Garden, Regional Museum, Costa Cafe, seafront, Taras Shevchenko Statue, multi-colored mountains in Altyn-Emel National Park

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