Rafting & Kayaking

Nepal is second richest country in terms of the water resources. There are about 6,000 rivers, streams, rivulets, brooks and nalas in Nepal. As all of them are not possible for rafting, Nepal still has handful number of rivers for rafting. Some of the most popular rafting and kayaking rivers of Nepal are Bhote Koshi, Balephi Khola, Kali Gandaki, Karnali River,Marshyandi, Seti River, Sun Koshi, Tamur, Trishuli and many more. Rafting and Kayaking is one of the most adventurous activities to do in Nepal. Nepal is not only popular for Himalayas but also from those river that flows from the Himalayas. Nepal has reputation for being one of the top Rafting destinations of the world with outstanding river journeys. Nepal has some of the best, most scenic and most varied whitewater on earth. The rivers here in the nepal are regarded to be perhaps the best for white river rafting. There is very few places in the world that can match the thundering course of the rivers of Nepal .

We will experience popular rapids while rafting in the white water river. The rapids will push our boat and makes us search for safety. With kayak riders constantly following us and the presense of Guide in our raft, We wont have any problem if the boat overturns or if we fell in the water. Keeping calm is all we need to do if we face these kinds of problem.

Popular Mission Nepal Packages

Trishuli river raftingUSD 150.00

Trishuli River Rafting

1 Days