White water rafting

Nepal is the second richest country, in terms of water resources, in the world. There are so many water resources and the river is one. River rafting apart from the exhilaration is ideal for exploring virgin landscapes lying along off-beat rivers ways, which are otherwise inaccessible by road.
River rafting requires little effort from the rider just the ability to swim and cling to the boat learners.  White water rafting uses specialized rubber rafts that are very sturdy and flexible. All the rafters have paddles, which are used to guide and propel the raft through the water. White water trip is great fun and a fantastic way to get in touch with the outdoors.
Neal is popular for whitewater rafting. Some of the best destinations of it are
1. Trishuli River
Trishuli River is a popular destination for rafting in Nepal. Every year hundreds of domestic as well as international tourists head to the river to try rafting. Rising from Langtang Mountain, this river is suitable for everyone. The exciting grade 2-3 rapids, which are straightforward, promise a thrilling ride; there are very few extreme rapids to encounter. In a nutshell, rafting in the Trishuli River is safe and 
2. Bhote Koshi
Rafting in the Bhotekoshi River is regarded as one of the best short white water rafting for rafting enthusiasts. It is used for kayaking as well. Bhote Koshi falls under the top 10 rivers in Nepal for rafting. 
3. Karnali River
Karnali River is among the most popular rivers for white water rafting in Nepal. Karnali River is Nepal's longest and largest river, known for its challenging nature for rafting. The stunning jungle scenery, wilderness, and wild rapids are some of the highlights of rafting in the Karnali River. 
4. Kali Gandaki River
Kali Gandaki River, notable for its deep canyons, is another popular choice among rafters. With more than 50 rapids, the Kali Gandaki River reserves a special spot for white water rafting in Nepal. Breathtaking views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range are its merits. The exciting rapids, white beaches, narrow gorges, and stunning scenery combines to give a perfect thrill.
5. Tamur River
Tamura River rafting can be more adventurous with Himalayan trekking. The trip starts with a few daydays'ek at the high ridge in remote Eastern Nepal and is followed by the Tamur River for world-class white water rafting. 
6. Sunkoshi River
Sunkoshi river rafting is the best river in Nepal for white water rafting. Sunkoshi river rafting is also the longest river trip offering a unique experience near the Tibetan border. This river has been listed as one of the top ten rafting trips in the world. The river flows through the great valley between the Himalayas and Mahabharat. 
7. Seti River
Seti River rafting is an ideal destination for Whitewater River rafting in Nepal. This river offers 40 minutes of non-stop thrilling rapids with stunning views of mountains like the Annapurna range and surrounding peaks. 
8. Marshyangdi River 
Marshyangdi River, a mountain river in Nepal, is a popular choice for rafting and kayaking. The river winds through narrow gorges and canyons, committing an exciting journey. Marshyangdi is mostly for professional rafters. 
The best times for rafting as well as kayaking in Nepal are September to December and March to June. The days from March to May are hot and long, and the water level in the river is low. This implies that the rapids are not extreme. In monsoons, the water level rises, making it difficult for water adventures. 

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