Nepal is full of gentle, simple people, with a long-standing traditional culture which is associated with Buddhism, and of course, buying gifts after the trip is also indispensable and a thing tourists must do. What to buy in Nepal, what products are Nepal known for, what souvenirs to buy in Nepal and what to buy in Kathmandu/Pokhara/ any important places of Nepal?

The markets in Nepal sell a variety of interesting, colorful products at very cheap rates, which makes shopping fun. Some of the important products for tourists to purchase in Nepal are mentioned below:
1. Pashmina shawls
Pashmina shawls are one of the most imported products in Nepal. From water Pashmina to silk or cotton blends to 100% Pashmina shawls are available in the markets of Nepal. These are extremely warm and soft, and perfect for gifting purposes. 
2. Singing Bowls
Handmade/machine-made/engraved/plain/made of brass/other metal, different types of these singing bowls can be bought in Nepal at different prices. The sound and vibrations produced by these bowls, when the small wooden stick is rubbed on their rim in a circular motion, create an entrancing atmosphere that is great for meditation and is believed to have healing powers.
3. Khukuri (The Gurkha knife)
Known for its unique slashing edge and style, this traditional knife of Nepal is used as both - a weapon as well as a tool. For tourists, it's an excellent souvenir! 
4. Beads and jewelry
Markets of Nepal sell a variety of locally made or Indian jewels. Nepalese Ethnic Jewellery - a centuries-old art that has been passed on from generation to generation and is still preserved by the Newar people, the indigenous group of Nepal must be bought. Yak bone jewels, with their unique engravings and designs, are also a hit among tourists. Beads from the market are used to make a necklace.
5. Handicrafts
Nepal is famous for its rich variety of handicrafts like carved wooden sculptures, pottery items, brass wares, and so on. The prices are affordable and these works of art beautify the homes.
6. Thangka Paintings
These Tibetan Buddhist paintings on cotton/silk appliqué are one of the best souvenirs one can get in Nepal. These paintings, mounted with textiles and covered with silk, usually depict a Buddhist deity or scene and are often used by practitioners in meditation for forging a link between themselves and the deity.

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