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Helicopter Tour in Nepal
Helicopter flying tour, the greatest way of exploring the beautiful Himalayan country by helicopter is available at Kathmandu airport. It is the main gateway for most helicopter tours in Nepal. It is the best opportunity to enjoy Nepalese beauty as a falcon. The helicopter tour is a great adventure filled with an awesome and aspiring country’s scenic beauty, especially the Himalayas. It is especially suitable for time-bounded travelers who want to enjoy the journey in a short period. Also, the helicopter ride is organized for people whose physical conditions do not support their mental will.
Helicopter tour provides the dream come true moment for those who fantasize to explore different places and many helicopter packages with different attractions but are not able to do so in a precise time. In this Himalayan country, you can have different scenic helicopter flights for exploring beautiful mountain panorama, Himalayan glaciers, national parks, city areas, lakesides, green hills, and many more mysterious and remote destinations with the help of these helicopters in Nepal.
There are many types of helicopter packages in Nepal. Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour is the number 1 helicopter tour package in Nepal. Helicopter group tours or private tours to the Himalayan region of Nepal are available from Katmandu. The private helicopter is much more comfortable for a private family. Everest helicopter tour packages offer landing opportunities at the world's highest point (Kalapatthar) viewpoint and breakfast at a 5-star Hotel, Hotel Everest View in Syangboche.
Other choices can be made for Weddings via helicopter tour, helicopter tour to Kathmandu, helicopter tour to Pokhara, birthday celebrations on the Himalayas via Heli tour, stepping on base camps by helicopter, Mountain helicopter tour, Pilgrimage area visit by helicopter, helicopter evacuation, emergency helicopter support, and many more. Flyovers Kathmandu valley, flyover Pokhara valley, flyover Chitwan valley, flyover Barun valley, flyover inner terai valley, and flyover Marshyangdi valley can also be done as part of a flyover in Nepal. 
Heli flight is not just flying over the area and sightseeing upward. It also includes helicopter landing in the Himalayas (if a helipad or plain land is available) which helps to explore the selected area for some minutes and take advantage.

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