Unlike in Spain and other European countries, where men take part in such events, in Nepal, the bulls are made to fight each other. Much less or no blood is shed in the festival. However, animal rights activists have attacked the festival because it causes injuries and has sought to have it banned.
People of Nuwakot district, 40 km west of Kathmandu, organize the bullfighting festival in which a total of 15 pairs of bulls participate in Haruka, situated on the bank of the famous Trishuli river. About 10,000 people, including tourists, gather at the river banks to witness the event in the Maghe Sankranti festival.
The bull that loses usually runs away. The owner of the bull that wins usually gets the losing bull as a reward. But now cash prizes have also been introduced. People put their bulls on a heavy diet to prepare for the bullfighting festival. Bulls are used to plow fields and the stronger bulls represent good harvesting. Therefore, the people have been organizing the festival to keep their bull healthy and stronger.

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